An original 10-part series featuring Uruguayan thought leaders from the public and private sectors as they discuss the latest innovations in their community and industry, from culture to commerce, including gastronomy, technology, arts, fashion, entertainment, and agriculture, as well as the ways they preserve the rich Uruguayan culture and traditions.

Shot in Uruguay, each episode outlines a 360° view of Uruguay’s most unique places and landscapes, work and living spaces, with a refreshing new storyline on Uruguay as a country.

About the show

Hosted by: Martine Dubin & David Michaels

Music: Variety of Uruguayan Artists

10 episodes

Studio: Martine Dubin Company



About Uruguay

An independent country since 1828, with strong ties to the United Kingdom, France, and Italy, Uruguay developed throughout much of the 20th century as one of Latin America’s more progressive societies, notable for its political stability, advanced social legislation, and a relatively large middle class.

Uruguay has traditionally been more affluent than other countries in South America and is known for its advanced education and social security systems and liberal social laws. It was the first nation in Latin America to establish a welfare state, and developed a democratic tradition that earned it the nickname “The Switzerland of South America.”

Uruguay stands out in Latin America for being an egalitarian society and for its high income per capita, low level of inequality and poverty, and the almost complete absence of extreme poverty. In relative terms, its middle class is the largest in America and represents more than 60% of its population.

Uruguay has a literacy rate of 98.1% for adults, one of the highest in the world, thanks to the country’s provision of free, compulsory education.

Uruguay has positioned itself as one of the top-ranked countries in terms of reliability - the fruit of a long tradition of stable institutions and policies.

In Latin America, it’s number one in democracy, prosperity, equality, transparency, anti-corruption, and quality of life.

As oasis in Latin America, it carries unconditionally number 1 in:

The Least Corrupt Country In Latin America.
The fairest country in the Americas, according to the Americas Social Inclusion Index.
The world’s cleanest air, according to Yale University.
The first country in Latin America to ban smoking in all enclosed public places back in 2006.
The first Latin American country to legalize same-sex civil unions.
The first country to supply a laptop for free to every schoolchild.
The birthplace of Tango.