Jon Oringer

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Jon Oringer

Originally a software developer in need of specific images, Jon Oringer created his own image bank, switched careers and founded Shutterstock with 30,000 of his own photographs 15 years ago. Since Shutterstock has become disruptive by opening up a platform where millions of new photographers can make a living and empower an even larger group of businesses that otherwise wouldn’t have used stock footage. We’re also single-digit years away from mobile phones replacing the SLR and mirrorless cameras in professional photography. Phones give you meta data, such as location, orientation or real-time publishing, allowing our users to get news worthy stock footage instantly. Prior to Shutterstock a small group of photographers controlled the stock image market, he explains to Matthew Bishop, yet by solving my own problem, I developed the first peer-to-peer subscription-based platform and today the industry’s most dynamic marketplace. Shutterstock has pushed the envelope with 100 million commercially released images, selling 5 images per second!

24:18 | 2016

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