Jeremy Moon

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Jeremy Moon

Trained as a cultural anthropologist Jeremy Moon is the founder of Icebreaker, the innovative company that solely uses super fine merino wool for their outdoor and sports gear regardless of weather. He discusses with Matthew how he started Icebreaker in the nineties as a new idea that was 3000 years old and re-energized an industry that was fragmented and going broke. What’s so unique is that Icebreaker starts its product at the agricultural sourcing cycle, which allows the brand to guarantee customers an ethical product. Jeremy’s also built up a sustainable supply chain with the higher margin of a luxury product. Watch Jeremy’s story how he disrupted the extreme sports market, built a company around the basics of nature, and a global brand out of New Zealand. Icebreaker gear has had a record 100 days of wearing without getting smelly!

26:30 | 2016

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