David Gorodyansky

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One World tech

David Gorodyansky: The Art of Cyber Security

As nearly every facet of our lives becomes more and more dependent on the sharing of data and information via the internet, we become increasingly vulnerable to virtual theft and breaches of privacy. With this new threat has come a demand for cyber security. David Gorodyansky is one of the savvy businessmen who are rising to meet that demand. His software security company, AnchorFree is responsible for creating to product ‘Hotspot Shield’ which became instrumental in fueling the dissemination of critical information during the Arab Spring.

A product that allows users to create a virtual private network, thus giving them uncensored access to the internet, Hotspot Shield has been used by protestors in Egypt, Turkey and other countries to gain access to social media websites that were being banned by the government. It gives access to uncensored communication, and in the case of the Arab Spring, information to the situation on the ground. We had no idea how this idea to have free and secure WiFi could really impact the world in a meaningful way.

When David started out, he and his business partner wanted to find a way to impact the world. He explained to Deepak Chopra when they sat down for a discussion on One World. Our first interest in changing the world came way earlier when we were maybe 15 or 16, when we were inspired by our grandparents who had fought in WWII, we were really inspired and thought what will we ever do that will be that impactful; that can change the lives of millions of people?

David set out to make an impact in the lives of as many people as possible, and it was at San Jose State that he realized that technology could be a really interesting way to do that, he explains.

David’s success with AnchorFree shows once again the critical links between business and social activism and how the two are not, and cannot be, mutually exclusive in this new digital age. What started as an interesting college project, came to be one of the most vital pieces of technology for the advancement of democracy and freedom worldwide.

21:52 | 2014

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