Michio Kaku

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One World science

Michio Kaku: The Art and Mysteries of the Conscious Mind

Theoretical physicists are not known for their rock star appeal. Scientists are not inherently cool by our modern standards because so often the average person does not understand what it is they do. Michio Kaku is working to change that and in the process, he has become a bit of a superstar in his own right. Michio and Deepak Chopra discuss his illustrious career, his book, and the conscious mind; an interest that they both share.

Can we in some sense live forever, where our consciousness survives our physical body? Michio, co-founder of the string field-theory, and Deepak discuss consciousness, the neuro-chemistry of our brain and how photons somehow turn our consciousness into a 3 dimensional reality in space and time. Philosophers questioned consciousness a century ago, and today physicists are researching where it comes from and what it contains. Is there a fundamental reality where brain and mind are complimentary, like wave and particle? This show certainly sheds light and some understanding on the topic.

Michio’s book, The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance and Empower the Mind explores many questions that a generation ago, only philosophers were discussing in the abstract. Today, he is making these things a reality. Telepathy, telekinesis, uploading memories, photographing a dream, we’ve done it. He told to Deepak. But there are still vast mysteries in the human brain that science has yet to uncover.

If you take a look at the neurons of the brain, each neuron is very complicated, connected to ten thousand other neurons but they’re just neurons, Michio explains. They’re just either on or off but when you put one hundred billion of them together all of a sudden you get consciousness. Science is still trying to fill in the gaps between what each of these neurons does and how that translates to consciousness. So much of our own existence is understood because others are conscious of our existence. It’s a complicated idea but Michio has a way of explaining his work that makes it accessible to the average person; you don’t need an advanced degree in physics or biology or even philosophy to follow along.

Michio’s research has fascinating connections to eastern philosophy and it is this connection that makes his discussion with Deepak so interesting. Here are two men, with vastly different backgrounds, discussing the intersection of their interests in consciousness and bringing together different disciplines to examine the same mysteries. It is no wonder that both Deepak and his guest Michio Kaku are held in such high esteem.

46:41 | 2014

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