Isabella Huffington

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One World

Isabella Huffington

Arianna Huffington’s daughter Isabella is an emerging artist with sold-out shows in LA and NYC. She’s dedicated to making her art more accessible and less restricted to the museum space. In this show she explores with Deepak Chopra the comparisons between meditation and art and being able to appreciate what’s around us right now. Isabella started meditating to help heal a decade long eating-disorder caused by anxiety of getting ahead and succeeding. Which goes back to art, she explains. We don’t pay enough attention to where we are. You can pass something 100 times before it actually catches your attention. Having used the unconventional media of sharpies and collage, she believes her experiences with problem solving while making her art is a great metaphor to the limitations we face in our daily life. People try years to make one idea work, why not instead be more creative with the other tools you have and open more doors. Art opens the window to a bigger awareness, it gives you a different perspective. Creating the life you want is part of a creative process too.

18:09 | 2014

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