Emily Abrams

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One World

Emily Abrams

At just 19, Emily Abrams believes climate change is her generation’s defining issue and published Don’t Cook the Planet, a cookbook she originally developed while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with her dad. Deepak and Emily discuss how climate change is directly linked to and triggers war, terrorism and the refugee crisis, new diseases and epidemics to social and economic injustice. Your own physical well-being depends on what you put in your body and small simple changes can start at the dinner table. Emily brought together 70 leaders in the fight against climate change and had them share recipes in this book, including activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., actors Robert Redford and Chevy Chase, Chef Stephanie Izard, cricketer Grant Elliott. In this show she helps you understand how you can make a contribution to a better and a healthier planet.

20:07 | 2014

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