Juan Pablo Ruiz Soto

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Global Affairs

Economist & Environmentalist, Juan Pablo Ruiz Soto

In this episode of Global Affairs, Juan Pablo Ruiz Soto discusses his experiences climbing the tallest mountain on every continent, how economics and environmentalism can work in synergy, and what every day people can do to make the world a little bit greener.

55:49 | 2020

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About Juan Pablo Ruiz Soto

Juan Pablo Ruiz Soto is an author, environmentalist, economist, professor, and mountaineer from Bogota, Colombia. He has obtained two master's degrees for Environmental Studies and Economic Theory. He has authored two books, Everest and Alta Colombia where he documents his mountaineering experiences.

He is currently an opinion columnist for Diario El Espectador, Director of the Bluverdeprogram on Bluradio; Member of the National Planning Council, representative of the Ecological Sector; Member of the Green Growth Mission Technical Advisory Committee in the DNP, among others. He is the Manager of Strategic Development and Speaker at Epopeya Colombia; Consultant to the United Nations Development Program and professor at the Externado de Colombia and Sergio Arboleda Universities.

Tags: Everest, Alta Colombia,