Global Affairs

Focused on global affairs and giving a voice to populism and global peace, this show features effective social, economic, and geopolitical scholars, activists and practitioners. From Dutch American Ayaan Hirsi Ali, American Diplomat Paul Bremer to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer. Prominent leaders with analyses on their science of international affairs and the future of diplomacy.

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Music: Moby

12 episodes

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Paul Bremer

Paul Bremer

Well-known American Diplomat (and lesser known painter and ski instructor) Paul Bremer discusses the most pressing issues in the middle east, his personal experiences in high level diplomacy, and his opinions of what should be next for the United States in foreign policy this episode of Global Affairs.

Juan Pablo Ruiz Soto

Juan Pablo Ruiz Soto

Juan Pablo Ruiz Soto is an author, environmentalist, economist, professor, and mountaineer from Bogota, Colombia. In this episode of Global Affairs, he discusses his experiences climbing the tallest mountain on every continent, how economics and environmentalism can work in synergy, and what every day people can do to make the world a little bit greener.

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