Rupert Spira

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Curious Minds

Rupert Spira & Deepak Chopra

Teacher of non-duality, Rupert Spira directs others on what reality is at its core. Spira explains his world view on consciousness as materialism is only a superstition, and experience is the ultimate test of reality; if it’s not experienced through our senses, we cannot legitimately know that it is real. With his theory, consciousness is present throughout all experiences but is not limited by any particular experience and is thus freedom itself.

33:53 | 2020

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About Rupert Spira

Spira is also a spiritual teacher and writer in the branch of nonduality, exploring the nature of experience in his essays and texts. He has published several books (see below), and a few DVDs with interviews. He holds regular meetings and retreats in the UK, Europe and the US.

He continually works to investigate the nature of mind and reality through his philosophy and pottery. The pottery is the result of the artist's wish to make elegant pieces, in harmony with nature and human awareness.

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