Becoming a pioneer in digital media over the last decade, our digital broadcast networks NEWSWIREFM & HEALTHWIREFM are the only channels with a viewer base that has and continues to expand across 200+ countries, reaching viewers across every country & territory in the world.

NEWSWIREFM & HEALTHWIREFM are also the only channels to stream on demand content available as well as linear broadcasting on digital and mobile devices. Free of charge a TV guide of shows, all day every day on LIVE TV.

Hosted and produced by some of our most unique friends and colleagues NEWSWIREFM’s ever-growing library of 350+ shows feature the world's top innovators, change-makers, and visionaries.

From 50 Cent, Lucy Liu, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe, Martha Stewart, Arianna Huffington, Goldie Hawn, Ray Leonard, Mike D to famous Nobel laureates, Wall street executives, social entrepreneurs & world leaders.

If it's a show or feature movie, NEWSWIREFM is dedicated to connect viewers with inspiring and authentic content, balancing the worlds of entertainment and activism and no political agenda. NEWSWIREFM provides greater detail and factual background on some of our world’s most interesting minds by linking viewers directly to their voice & actions.

Everything is produced in-house, retaining full control and ownership of the library worldwide, which allows NEWSWIREFM to provide viewers the same series & titles in every territory.

This is unique and an ideal setting for the viewer experience, giving you global access during business and leisure trips, at home, on the beach or a mountain top.

You can subscribe at $4.99/ month or $44.99/ year, giving you access to all our shows and lessons with unlimited reruns across HEALTHWIREFM and NEWSWIREFM.

Our viewers can also send subscriptions as gifts to friends and family with scheduled delivery dates. A digital surprise that has been very popular.


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