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Our Response to COVID-19: Social Distancing & Staying Healthy

Dear Viewers,

Here at Newswirefm and Healthwirefm, we are distraught by the current state of our society as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The wellbeing of our viewers, both mentally and physically, is something we value very highly. We encourage you to stay home, social distance and protect yourself and others from contracting and spreading the virus. If we all do our part to take precautions, we can and will overcome this pandemic.

Feeling isolated and frightened during this time?

You are not alone. Personal hygiene is extremely important right now, but so is maintaining good mental health. This is an extremely stressful time for everyone, and the unknown is frightening. Remember to shut off the news periodically when it becomes too much, know that there are resources to help, and connect with people you trust about your concerns.

Make time for you!

We encourage you to stay occupied, connected and active while social distancing by exercising daily, reading and working towards personal growth. Stream one of our many uplifting movies on Healthwirefm such as Across the Ice with Sebastian Copeland in your evening downtime. Educate yourself through one of our Global Affairs episodes on Newswirefm. Exercise daily with Eddie Stern’s Inner Strength Special and combat mental affliction with the Stress Reduction Special on Healthwirefm.

Thank you for being a dedicated viewer of our channel. We wish you and those close to you utmost health and safety during this time.

—The NFM & HFM Team


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