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Willem Dafoe

Deepak Chopra & Willem Dafoe

Show: One World

From Spiderman, to The Grand Budapest Hotel & Nymphomaniac, Willem Defoe has been perfecting the craft of acting for over a lifetime.

Lucy Liu

Deepak Chopra & Lucy Liu

Show: One World

From the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award, Woman’s World Award for Outstanding Humanitarian, Champion of Peace Award to being a longtime UNICEF ambassador, Lucy Liu’s heart & actions reach far beyond the digital screen.

Nicholas Kristof

Deepak Chopra & Nicholas Kristof

Show: One World

Two time Pulitzer Prize winner & recognized Top American Leader, Nick Kristof’s journalism has been the torchbearer & voice to shine a spotlight on neglected conflicts globally.

Mark Ruffalo

Deepak Chopra & Mark Ruffalo

Show: Love In Action

Renowned actor, Mark Ruffalo, is leading the fight against using fracked natural gas, by encouraging people to use cleaner energy sources like solar and wind.

Jason Silva

Deepak Chopra & Jason Silva

Show: One World

As an extraordinary new breed of philosopher, Jason Silva has been a featured speaker from The Economist Ideas Festival, TEDglobal to Google, and described as a wonder junkie.

Jaron Lanier

Deepak Chopra & Jaron Lanier

Show: One World

Nominated in TIME 100 Most Influential People, Jaron Lanier is a computer scientist, a composer, a visual artist and an author included by The Encyclopaedia Britannica in the list of history's 300 or so greatest inventors.

Kenneth Cole

Matthew Bishop & Kenneth Cole

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

Voted “Sexiest Businessman of the Year”, Kenneth Cole’s company has been included on Forbes annual list of 200 best small companies and he’s the first fashion designer to take social consciousness into his campaigns.

Adrian Grenier

Deepak Chopra & Adrian Grenier

Show: Love In Action

Renowned actor, filmmaker & musician, Adrian Grenier’s true passion is promoting a sustainable way of living through film, design, art & food with his company SHFT.

Frederique Van Der Wal

Deepak Chopra & Frederique Van Der Wal

Show: One World

Supermodel turned entrepreneur, Frederique van der Wal founded Frederique's Choice an e-commerce business .. selling flowers across 10 countries, and now also on 100 KLM flights a day ..Life in Bloom!

Goldie Hawn

Deepak Chopra & Goldie Hawn

Show: Love In Action

Superstar Goldie Hawn’s true heart lies in her MindUp Program, encouraging parents to help their children develop social & emotional intelligence through Mindfulness.

Fran Drescher

Deepak Chopra & Fran Drescher

Show: One World

From The Nanny to Cinderella, the Emmy Award winning actress, NY Times bestselling author and executive producer Fran Drescher is one of the smartest women in entertainment.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Deepak Chopra & Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Show: One World

The Inventor of Email. In 1978, Shiva Ayyadurai created a computer program, he named "email", that was the first to fully emulate the interoffice mail system --- Inbox, Memo, Outbox, Folders, Address Book, etc.

Arianna Huffington

Deepak Chopra & Arianna Huffington

Show: One World

As Time's 100 most influential people, Arianna Huffington redefines the road to success with the quest for health, creativity & wisdom.

Badr Jafar

Matthew Bishop & Badr Jafar

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

As one of the most Influential entrepreneurs in the World, Badr Jafar is true role model of the 21st century.

Jonathan Granoff

Deepak Chopra & Jonathan Granoff

Show: One World

As President of the Global Security Institute & dedicated to global elimination of nuclear weapons, Jonathan Granoff’s international lectures emphasize the legal, ethical & spiritual dimensions of human development, peace & security.

Diane von Furstenberg

Deepak Chopra & Diane von Furstenberg

Show: One World

Making an iconic impact on fashion, Diane von Furstenberg is considered one of the savviest business women of the 21st century taken women empowerment to next levels through the DVF Awards.

Max Tegmark

Deepak Chopra & Max Tegmark

Show: One World

Known as "Mad Max" for his unorthodox ideas & passion for adventure, MIT Professor Max Tegmark shares his scientific interests from precision cosmology to the ultimate nature of reality, all explored in his new popular book "Our Mathematical Universe".

Jason Flom

Deepak Chopra & Jason Flom

Show: Just Capital

With an A&R music industry career spanning from Kate Perry, Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay to the Rolling Stones, Jason Flom’s social activism with Innocence Project have gotten 20 prisoners off death row.

Fabien Cousteau

Deepak Chopra & Fabien Cousteau

Show: One World

Oceanographic Explorer, Conservationist, Documentary Filmmaker & Explorer-at-Large for National Geographic, Fabien current projects include his nonprofit Plant A Fish and Mission 31.

Lauren Bush Lauren

Deepak Chopra & Lauren Bush Lauren

Show: One World

Recognized by INC’s “30 under 30”, Lauren Bush Lauren’s fashion brand FEED feeds children with the profits of every FEED bag sold.

50 Cent

Deepak Chopra & 50 Cent

Show: Love In Action

One of the most famous & notorious rappers today, 50 Cent’s true fight is the one against hunger though his company Street King, pledging to donate 1 billion meals to the World Food Program.

Michael Lazerow

Matthew Bishop & Michael Lazerow

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

$2 billion of successful exits, Michael Lazerow is Fortune's “40 under 40” hottest rising stars, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded & sold 4 internet-based media companies & invested in 25 more.

Rachel Roy

Deepak Chopra & Rachel Roy

Show: One World

With clients from Michelle Obama, Diane Sawyer to Penelope Cruz, the American-Indian-Dutch Rachel Roy’s unique style has made her one of the world's leading designer and philanthropist.

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