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Andrew Kassoy

Matthew Bishop & Andrew Kassoy

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

Founder of B Lab Andrew Kassoy is dedicated to growing B Corporation innovative business models for social change.

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz

Deepak Chopra & Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz

Show: One World

Continuing the Charles Schwab legacy, Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz is making investing and financial literacy more accessible to the American public.

Ben Kaufman

Deepak Chopra & Ben Kaufman

Show: One World

America's Most Promising CEOs Under 35 and Top Entrepreneur in the Country under the Age of 30, Mophie inventor & Quirky Founder Ben Kaufman is bringing social product development & invention to the next level of accessibility.

Mark Ruffalo

Deepak Chopra & Mark Ruffalo

Show: Love In Action

Renowned actor, Mark Ruffalo, is leading the fight against using fracked natural gas, by encouraging people to use cleaner energy sources like solar and wind.

Rachel Roy

Deepak Chopra & Rachel Roy

Show: One World

With clients from Michelle Obama, Diane Sawyer to Penelope Cruz, the American-Indian-Dutch Rachel Roy’s unique style has made her one of the world's leading designer and philanthropist.

David Kirkpatrick

Matthew Bishop & David Kirkpatrick

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

The Facebook Effect's David Kirkpatrick, founded Techonomy & writes for Fortune, Vanity Fair & Forbes.

Georg Kell

Deepak Chopra & Georg Kell

Show: One World

Georg Kell is the architect & leader of the largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative, the UN Global Compact.

Roger Martin

Matthew Bishop & Roger Martin

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

Placed 6th on The Thinkers 50 List, the Toronto University’s Rotman School of Management Dean Roger Martin, is one of the most influential global business thinkers today.

Lucy Liu

Deepak Chopra & Lucy Liu

Show: One World

From the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award, Woman’s World Award for Outstanding Humanitarian, Champion of Peace Award to being a longtime UNICEF ambassador, Lucy Liu’s heart & actions reach far beyond the digital screen.

Jaron Lanier

Deepak Chopra & Jaron Lanier

Show: One World

Nominated in TIME 100 Most Influential People, Jaron Lanier is a computer scientist, a composer, a visual artist and an author included by The Encyclopaedia Britannica in the list of history's 300 or so greatest inventors.

Michael Schlein

Matthew Bishop & Michael Schlein

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

As CEO of largest micro lending network ACCION, Michael Schlein has helped over 3.7 million clients with their loans, saving accounts and more.

Jehane Noujaim

Deepak Chopra & Jehane Noujaim

Show: One World

2014 Oscar nominee Jehane Noujaim, has become a top Documentary Filmmaker with The Control Room, Startup.com and now The Square.

David Rose

Deepak Chopra & David Rose

Show: One World

Described by Forbes as “New York's Archangel”, David S. Rose is 3rd generation angel investor and an Inc. 500 CEO who founded or funded over 90 pioneering companies.

Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Deepak Chopra & Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Show: One World

Who Knows Tomorrow Author & OAfrica Founder Lisa Lovatt-Smith, grew from international Editor of Vogue to becoming one of the most celebrated child orphan advocates in Africa.

Eric Lichtblau

Deepak Chopra & Eric Lichtblau

Show: One World

Pullitzer Prize winning Investigative Reporter of the New York Times Eric Lichtblau, discusses his latest book The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men.

Brad Gruno

Deepak Chopra & Brad Gruno

Show: One World

Brad’s Raw Foods founder Brad Gruno makes people feel better from farmers markets to 3000 retail stores nationwide.

DJ Spooky

Deepak Chopra & DJ Spooky

Show: One World

Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, is Metropolitan Museum of Art's 1st Resident musician and Founder of Origin Magazine.

Yossi Vardi

Matthew Bishop & Yossi Vardi

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

The Wall Street Journal's Tech Top 25, Yossi Vardi founded 60+ internet startups incl. Answers.com, Mirabilis, Gteko, Airlink, Tivella, Scopus, CTI2.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Deepak Chopra & Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Show: One World

As one of the Thinkers50 list of the world’s most influential business gurus, Sylvia Ann Hewlett expresses a prominent voice on the economy, talent, gender & workplace issues.

Kabir Sehgal

Deepak Chopra & Kabir Sehgal

Show: One World

New York Times bestselling author, Grammy-winning producer, and VP at J.P. Morgan Kabir Sehgal discusses his latest book “Coined” ..endorsed by Paul Volcker, Jimmy Carter, Muhammad Yunus, Sheila Bair & Walter Isaacson.

Jazz Johnson

Deepak Chopra & Jazz Johnson

Show: One World

Sustainable farmer, Johnson & Johnson heiress & Co-author of The Social Climber’s Bible Jazz Johnson, outlines in her book the satire, history & tips for the trade of social climbing, and how it pervades American culture.

Martin Lindstrom

Deepak Chopra & Martin Lindstrom

Show: One World

A TIME Magazine Influential 100 Honoree, author, public speaker and consumer advocate, Martin Lindstrom is bridging the gap between the modern consumer & big company brands.

Alastair Parvin

Deepak Chopra & Alastair Parvin

Show: One World

Pioneering the democratization of production, WikiHouse founder Alastair Parvin designed open-source architecture available to 100% of the population.

Josh Siegel

Deepak Chopra & Josh Siegel

Show: One World

Stonecastle Founder Josh Siegel, has preserved the importance of community banking by investing nearly $40 billion into 1,600 banks across America over the past 10 years.


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