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Dov Seidman

Deepak Chopra & Dov Seidman

Show: One World

Top 60 Global Thinker of the Last Decade, Dov Seidman has helped navigate 100s of companies across 100 countries operate towards sustainable values with a principled & profitable way.

Diane von Furstenberg

Deepak Chopra & Diane von Furstenberg

Show: One World

Making an iconic impact on fashion, Diane von Furstenberg is considered one of the savviest business women of the 21st century taken women empowerment to next levels through the DVF Awards.

Mike D

Deepak Chopra & Mike D

Show: One World

From Licensed to Ill to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Beastie Boys’ MC & drummer Mike D pioneered the Hip Hop marginalized subculture of South Bronx to the global music scene.

Goldie Hawn

Deepak Chopra & Goldie Hawn

Show: Love In Action

Superstar Goldie Hawn’s true heart lies in her MindUp Program, encouraging parents to help their children develop social & emotional intelligence through Mindfulness.

Badr Jafar

Matthew Bishop & Badr Jafar

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

As one of the most Influential entrepreneurs in the World, Badr Jafar is true role model of the 21st century.

Adrian Grenier

Deepak Chopra & Adrian Grenier

Show: Love In Action

Renowned actor, filmmaker & musician, Adrian Grenier’s true passion is promoting a sustainable way of living through film, design, art & food with his company SHFT.

Kerry Trainor

Deepak Chopra & Kerry Trainor

Show: One World

As a trailblazer in digital media, from FlipGloss, LAUNCH.com to AOL, Kerry Trainor now takes Vimeo to new levels of exclusive shows, movies and unique viewers internationally as it’s CEO.

Marc Morial

Deepak Chopra & Marc Morial

Show: Just Capital

Former mayor of New Orleans Marc Morial, leads the National Urban League towards economic empowerment & elevating the standard of living in historically underserved urban communities.

David Gorodyansky

Deepak Chopra & David Gorodyansky

Show: One World

Jumping from 1,000 to 1 million users overnight, David Gorodyansky’s AnchorFree & HotSpot Shield provide a secure hotspots from the USA to the revolutionaries of the Arab Spring.

Charles Ellis

Matthew Bishop & Charles Ellis

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

Greenwich Associates Founder Charles Ellis has advised Goldman Sachs to Mayo Clinic across Asia, Europe & North-America.

Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Deepak Chopra & Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Show: Love In Action

A member one of America’s most prominent families, Robert Kennedy Jr.’s true activism is with Waterkeeper Alliance and it’s 191 Waterkeeper programs.

Jason Silva

Matthew Bishop & Jason Silva

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

As an extraordinary new breed of philosopher, Silva has been a featured speaker from The Economist Ideas Festival, TED GLOBAL to DLD, and described as “part Timothy Leary, part Ray Kurzweil”.

Sheryl Wudunn

Deepak Chopra & Sheryl Wudunn

Show: One World

One of the “150 Women Who Shake the World”, Sheryl Wudunn is the 1st Asian-American reporter and together with her husband Nick Kristof the 1st couple to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Neil Blumenthal

Deepak Chopra & Neil Blumenthal

Show: One World

Awarded by Fast Company as the Social Capitalist, Neil Blumenthal makes a difference with Warby Parker Eyewear, selling a pair and donating a pair.

Donna Karan

Deepak Chopra & Donna Karan

Show: One World

Leaving an iconic trademark on American fashion and wardrobe essentials, Donna Karan's 21st century focus bridged conventional & holistic healthcare with her Urban Zen center.

Randi Zuckerberg

Deepak Chopra & Randi Zuckerberg

Show: One World

Recognized as 50 “Digital Power Players”,Emmy Award nominated Randi Zuckerberg now lives her true childhood dream as the star in the Broadway show “Rock of Ages”.

Mark Ruffalo

Deepak Chopra & Mark Ruffalo

Show: Love In Action

Renowned actor, Mark Ruffalo, is leading the fight against using fracked natural gas, by encouraging people to use cleaner energy sources like solar and wind.

Julie Corbett

Matthew Bishop & Julie Corbett

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

Julie Corbett’s Ecologic packaging leads the way for brands like Walmart to become eco-friendly.

Linda Rottenberg

Deepak Chopra & Linda Rottenberg

Show: One World

Author of Crazy is a Compliment, Linda Rottenberg & her organization Endeavor have supported 600+ companies across 20 countries, generating 400,000 jobs, with over $7 billion in revenues.

Martin Lindstrom

Deepak Chopra & Martin Lindstrom

Show: One World

A TIME Magazine Influential 100 Honoree, author, public speaker and consumer advocate, Martin Lindstrom is bridging the gap between the modern consumer & big company brands.

Rasselas Lakew

Deepak Chopra & Rasselas Lakew

Show: One World

Ethiopian born Rasselas Lakew, received critical acclaim and multiple international awards with the movie “The Athlete”.. a true story based on the life of legendary Ethiopian Abebe Bikila ..the first African marathon runner to win Olympic Gold 3 consecutive times.

Esther Dyson

Deepak Chopra & Esther Dyson

Show: One World

Flickr, Evernote, Square, 23andMe, Esther Dyson is breaking boundaries in technology, business and philanthropy.

Dr. Mohammad Bhuiyan

Deepak Chopra & Dr. Mohammad Bhuiyan

Show: One World

Who’s Who in the World & Who’s Who in America, Prof Mohammad Bhuiyan is the CEO of the Nobel Peace Laureates 2015 Summit in Atlanta and President & CEO of Yunus Creative Lab, Inc.

Peter Henry Blair

Matthew Bishop & Peter Henry Blair

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

Appointed by President Obama to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships, NYU Stern Business School Dean Peter Henry Blair is one of the world’s leading minds in business & economics.


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