NEWSWIRE.FM, our original shows and movies, connect daily with an international audience across 200+ countries and 8300+ cities worldwide, basically any region and any corner of the world.

If it's a show or feature movie, we are passionate to connect our fanbase with inspiring and authentic content, balancing the worlds of entertainment and activism. Yet we have no political agenda and rather provide greater detail and factual background on some of our world’s most interesting change-makers by linking our viewers directly to the source of their voice & actions.

Across NEWSWIRE.FM we provide you with on-demand shows at 0.99 or 1.99 per episode, allowing you to pick and choose your own variety of entertainment from about 300+ episodes with unlimited reruns.

You can instead subscribe at 7.99 per month or 79.99 per year, giving you access to all non-premium shows on NEWSWIRE.FM and HEALTHWIRE.FM with unlimited reruns.

On the forefront of digital media, we also are the first digital broadcast network to provide linear broadcasting - watching our scheduled shows free of charge, all day every day ..on LIVE TV.

Our viewers can also send shows or series as gifts to friends and family with scheduled delivery dates. A digital option that has been very popular.

Easy breezy options for all of you.. Enjoy!

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